How to Record a Presentation on Google Slides

Recording your Google Slides presentations can be extremely useful for sharing with wider audiences or repurposing content. However, Google Slides does not have a built-in recording function. You need to use third-party software to capture your screen, face, and voice.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the entire process of recording a presentation on Google Slides, from initial setup to sharing the final video. Whether you want to create tutorial videos, record webinars, or share presentations with remote teams, this guide has you covered.

Why Record Your Google Slides Presentation?

Here are some of the key reasons you may want to record your Slides presentation:

  • Share presentations with people who couldn’t attend live sessions
  • Repurpose webinars, training sessions, or sales pitches as evergreen content
  • Create tutorial or demonstration videos
  • Capture presentations for later review or critique
  • Standardize delivery of presentations across a distributed team

What You Need to Record Google Slides Presentations

To record your Google Slides presentation, you will need:

  • A Google account
  • The Google Slides presentation you want to record
  • A computer with audio/video capabilities
  • Recording software like Screencastify, Loom, etc.
  • Optional: Webcam, microphone

Step-by-Step Recording Instructions

Follow these steps to seamlessly record your Google Slides presentation:

1. Set Up Your Recording Software

Choose your preferred recording platform like Loom, Screencastify, or ScreenPal. Install any necessary browser extensions or applications. Most recording platforms offer free versions, but you may need to upgrade for advanced features.

Familiarize yourself with the recording options and test your microphone/webcam setup before proceeding.

2. Open Your Presentation in Google Slides

In a separate tab or window, launch your Google Slides presentation. Navigate to the specific slide deck you wish to record.

Presenter view can help you preview slides and notes as you record. Click “Present” then “Switch to presenter view” to enable this.

3. Start Your Recording

Go back to your recording platform tab and click the record button. Choose your audio sources and preferred video feed.

Give yourself a brief introduction if needed, then share your screen with the Google Slides tab open.

4. Deliver Your Presentation

Click through your Google Slides as you present, using transitions and animations as needed. Pause when necessary.

Annotate slides with a digital pen or laser pointer to draw attention to key elements. Enable your webcam to appear alongside slides.

5. End the Recording

When finished, stop your recording and confirm save settings. Most platforms process and compile recordings automatically with no editing needed.

6. Share Your Recorded Presentation

Once processed, access your new video file from your recording platform’s cloud storage or local folders. Share via link, email, or embed on websites.

Upload to video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo for wider distribution.

Tips for Better Google Slides Recordings

Follow these tips to create polished, professional recordings:

  • Practice your presentation to minimize mistakes
  • Speak slowly and clearly for better comprehension
  • Balance vocal pace and volume with slide transitions
  • Use slide notes to remember key details
  • Zoom in on complex diagrams as you discuss them
  • Engage the audience with eye contact if using a webcam
  • Edit out unwanted sections if your software allows

Troubleshooting Google Slides Recording Issues

If you encounter problems, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Grant permission for microphone/camera access
  • Check audio inputs and adjust recording volumes
  • Reboot software and test connectivity
  • Close unnecessary programs hogging bandwidth
  • Switch to wired internet connections for stability

By following this easy guide, you can quickly record engaging Google Slides presentations to share with any audience. Take your presentations to the next level!