How to Record Voice on PowerPoint Online

Adding voice narration to your PowerPoint slides can greatly enhance your presentation. It helps convey key information and keeps your audience engaged.

While PowerPoint desktop allows recording audio directly within the app, PowerPoint Online does not have this capability. However, you can still add audio to your online presentations by recording your narration separately and then embedding the audio files into your slides.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to record voiceovers for PowerPoint Online presentations:

Step 1: Write Your Script

Before recording, you should write out the full narration script for your presentation. Outline key points you want to cover on each slide.

Writing a script has several benefits:

  • Ensures your narration flows logically from one slide to the next
  • Allows you to include facts, statistics, quotes without having to memorize details
  • Gives you talking points to elaborate on during recording

Step 2: Set up Your Recording Equipment

To record high quality audio, you will need:

  • A microphone
    • Use a USB microphone or headset for best sound clarity
    • Avoid using low-quality mics like earbuds or laptop mics
  • A quiet environment
    • Reduce ambient noise from air conditioners, computer fans, outside traffic
  • Audio recording software
    • Audacity is a great free, open-source option

Step 3: Record Your Narration

Follow these tips when recording your script:

  • Speak slowly and clearly in a conversational tone
  • Leave a few seconds of silence between slides so audio and slides stay in sync
  • Save your audio tracks separately for each slide
  • Listen back to recordings to check for clarity before embedding into PowerPoint

Step 4: Import Audio Files into PowerPoint Online

Once your narration audio files are recorded, it’s time to add them to your presentation:

  1. Open PowerPoint Online and navigate to the slide you want to add audio to
  2. Select the Insert tab > Click on Audio > Choose Audio on My PC
  3. Locate your audio file and insert it
  4. Drag the audio icon on the slide to position it appropriately
  5. Repeat the process to add audio tracks to all narrated slides

Step 5: Adjust Audio Settings

You can customize how your embedded audio files play within the presentation:

  • Trim audio clips
  • Adjust volume
  • Choose whether audio plays automatically or on click
  • Set audio to loop continuously
  • Play audio in the background

Step 6: Save and Present Your Narrated Slides

With voiceovers added, your PowerPoint Online presentation is ready to be shared!

You have a few options for presenting your narrated slides:

  • Save as a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) – audio will play automatically
  • Export to Video – convert to MP4 with audio embedded
  • Present Live – speak over your slides and play audio recordings

And that’s it! With just a few simple steps, you can add voice narration to PowerPoint Online. This takes your slides from ordinary to extraordinary.

Benefits of Narrated PowerPoint Slides

Adding audio narration provides many benefits:

  • Conveys information clearly – vocal cues aid retention and understanding
  • Increases engagement – voiceovers are more dynamic than on-screen text
  • Tells a story – audio brings slides to life through tone and inflection
  • Good for accessibility – caters to those with visual impairments
  • Memorable – audiences remember more details from narrated slides

So boost comprehension, enjoyment, and recall of your next PowerPoint deck by including voiceovers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about recording audio for PowerPoint Online:

What audio formats does PowerPoint Online support?

PowerPoint Online supports common formats like WAV, MP3 and M4A files. For best results, save recordings as high-quality uncompressed WAV files.

Can I record audio directly in PowerPoint Online?

Unfortunately, the ability to record audio is only available in the PowerPoint desktop app, not the web-based PowerPoint Online.

What if my audio doesn’t sync correctly with slides?

Check that you’ve left a gap between slide narrations during recording. You can also trim audio clips after inserting them to better align with slides.

How do I remove audio from a PowerPoint Online presentation?

To delete an audio clip, select it on the slide and press the Delete key. You can also right-click it and choose Remove.

Can I add captions or subtitles to my narrated slides?

Yes, it is possible to add closed captions or subtitles to your narrated slides. Refer to Microsoft’s guide on adding captions to videos.


Adding voice narration can take your PowerPoint Online slides to the next level. Follow the steps outlined to record audio, import into slides, adjust settings, and present your narrated deck. This simple hack makes presentations more dynamic while boosting engagement and recall.