How to Remove a Transition in PowerPoint 2013

Learning how to properly add or remove transitions in PowerPoint 2013 can help improve the flow and polish of your presentations. Follow these simple steps to remove transitions from one or multiple slides.

What Are Transitions in PowerPoint?

Transitions refer to the visual effects that occur when moving from one slide to the next during a slideshow. For example, the current slide may fade out while the next slide fades in.

Using transitions allows your presentation to feel more dynamic and smooth rather than a series of static slides. However, using too many flashy transitions can feel distracting or amateurish.

When used properly, transitions help guide the audience through the logical flow of ideas in your presentation.

How to Remove a Transition From a Single Slide

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and select the slide you wish to remove the transition from in Normal View
  2. Click on the Transitions tab in the ribbon
  3. In the Transition to This Slide group, click the dropdown and select None Transition to None
  4. The transition effect will be removed from only the selected slide

How to Remove Transitions From Multiple Slides

  1. Open your presentation in Normal View
  2. Select any slide that currently has a transition applied
  3. On the Transitions tab, select None from the transition gallery
  4. Click the Apply to All button Apply None to All
  5. All transition effects will be removed from all slides

Tip: You can tell which slides have transitions applied by looking for the transition icon displayed on slide thumbnails in the thumbnail pane.

How to Remove a Specific Transition From Multiple Slides

If you only want to remove one type of transition but keep other transitions:

  1. Open the presentation in Slide Sorter View to easily see all thumbnails
  2. Press Ctrl and click to select all slides with the transition you want to remove
  3. Follow steps 2-4 from above to remove that transition from the selected slides

Preview Transitions in Slide Show View

You can preview how the transitions appear during an actual slideshow by using the Slide Show tab and starting the show from the current slide:

Slide Show View

Use this view to test if your transitions feel cohesive or need further adjusting.

Customize Transition Timing and Effects

On the Transitions tab, use the Timing group options to set Duration and Sound Effects for transitions:

Transition Timing

And use Effect Options to customize direction, pattern, and other effect attributes.

Customizing these options can help smooth out any jarring transitions in your presentation.


Learning to add or remove transitions gives you more precise creative control when designing PowerPoint presentations. Follow the steps outlined to quickly remove transitions from one or more slides.

Use transitions judiciously and preview in Slide Show mode to check flow and timing. Well-placed transitions can elevate a presentation while overused transitions can feel distracting.