How to Rename a Hyperlink in WPS Office PowerPoint

Renaming a hyperlink in WPS Office PowerPoint is easy and only takes a few steps. Being able to customize hyperlinks helps create more organized and readable presentations. Follow this simple guide to learn how to rename hyperlinks using WPS Presentation.


Hyperlinks allow you to connect your PowerPoint slides to external files, webpages, or other slides within the same presentation. Adding hyperlinks enhances presentations by:

  • Allowing smooth navigation between slides
  • Providing additional information through external links
  • Keeping presentations organized

However, default hyperlink texts like “Click here” are generic and tell users little about where the hyperlink leads. Renaming hyperlinks makes their purpose clearer.

This article will walk you through renaming hyperlinks in WPS Presentation using simple menu options.


Before renaming hyperlinks, ensure you have:

  • WPS Office – Download the free WPS Office suite for your operating system.
  • Presentation with hyperlinks – Create a presentation in WPS Presentation and insert some hyperlinks.

Steps to Rename a Hyperlink

Follow these easy steps to rename a hyperlink in WPS Presentation:

1. Select the Hyperlink

Open the presentation and locate the hyperlink you want to rename. Click the hyperlink text to select it.

2. Right-click and Choose “Edit Hyperlink”

Right-click on the selected hyperlink text. From the popup menu, choose Hyperlink > Edit Hyperlink.

3. Enter New Name

In the Edit Hyperlink dialog box, the current hyperlink text will display in the Text to display field. Delete the current text and type the new name you want to give the hyperlink.

Edit Hyperlink dialog box

4. Click OK

After entering the new display text, click OK to save the changes.

The hyperlink text in the presentation will now reflect the new name. Hover over it to preview the link.

Tips for Effective Hyperlink Names

Follow these tips when renaming hyperlinks for clarity:

  • Use descriptive text summarizing the content users will access
  • Keep names concise and scannable
  • Use title case capitalization
  • Ensure names are consistent with slide content


Renaming hyperlinks in WPS Presentation helps users better understand their purpose at a glance. By following the simple steps to select, right-click, rename, and save hyperlinks, you can create more organized, readable presentations.

WPS Office provides full compatibility with PowerPoint features for free. Download WPS Presentation today to start enhancing your slides with customized hyperlink names.