How to Select More Than One Slide in PowerPoint

Selecting multiple slides in PowerPoint allows you to edit or format several slides at once, saving you time when working with presentations. There are a few easy ways to select multiple slides in PowerPoint.

Select All Slides

To select all slides in your PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Click on the View tab
  2. Click on Slide Sorter
  3. Click on the first slide to select it
  4. Press and hold the Shift key
  5. Click on the last slide to select all slides

All slides will now be selected with a border around them. Any changes you make will apply to all selected slides.

Select a Group of Consecutive Slides

To select a group of consecutive slides:

  1. In the left pane, click on the first slide you want to select
  2. Press and hold the Shift key
  3. Click on the last slide you want to include in your selection

The first and last slides you clicked on, along with all slides in between, will be selected.

You can also do this in Slide Sorter view:

  1. Click on View > Slide Sorter
  2. Click on the first slide you want to select
  3. Press and hold Shift
  4. Click on the last slide to select that group of slides

Select Multiple Non-Consecutive Slides

To select multiple slides that are not next to each other:

  1. Click on the first slide you want to select
  2. Press and hold the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac)
  3. Click on each additional slide you want to select

The selected slides will have a border around them.

Continue holding Ctrl or Command and clicking to add or remove slides from your selection.

Use the Selection Pane

The Selection Pane gives you more control over selecting individual objects on your slides.

To use the Selection Pane to select slides:

  1. Click on Home > Select > Selection Pane
  2. Click on the first slide you want to select
  3. Press and hold Shift
  4. Click on the last slide to select a group or Ctrl/Command to choose individual slides

Operations on Multiple Slides

Once you’ve selected multiple slides, you can perform several operations on them simultaneously:

  • Delete – Delete all selected slides
  • Copy/Paste – Copy selected slides and paste to a new location
  • Move – Move a group of slides to a new location
  • Change layout – Change the layout of selected slides
  • Format – Make formatting changes to selected slides
  • Add transitions – Add the same transition to selected slides
  • Animate – Add the same animation to selected slides

Being able to select and edit multiple slides is key to working efficiently in PowerPoint. Use the methods above to save time and effort when building your next presentation!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts for selecting slides in PowerPoint:

| Shortcut | Function |
| Ctrl/Command + A | Select all slides |
| Shift + Click | Select a group of consecutive slides |
| Ctrl/Command + Click | Select multiple non-consecutive slides |

PowerPoint Tips

Here are some additional PowerPoint tips when working with multiple slides:

Use Slide Master

The Slide Master stores default formatting and layouts for your presentation. Making changes in Slide Master applies to all slides using that layout.

Organize with Sections

Use sections to organize related slides. This also lets you reorder groups of slides easily.

Check Presentation Flow

Use Slide Sorter view to check if your slides flow logically. Easily rearrange slides once selected.

Compare Slide Versions

Select two versions of a slide and compare differences when editing slides and slide masters.

Work From Outline View

Outline entire presentations from a text outline. Select multiple lines to turn them into slides.

Being able to efficiently select and manipulate multiple slides will save you significant time when building PowerPoint decks. Use the tips in this guide to improve your productivity.