How to Send a PowerPoint Through Email

Sending a PowerPoint presentation through email allows you to easily share your work with others. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when emailing a PowerPoint file to ensure successful delivery.

Prepare Your PowerPoint File

Before attaching your PowerPoint to an email, do the following:

  • Compress Media Files – Compress any large media files like videos and audio clips in your presentation to reduce file size. Go to File > Info > Compress Media in PowerPoint.
  • Reduce Image Resolution – Lower the resolution of images to make them smaller. Go to Picture Format > Compress Pictures and set resolution to 96ppi or lower.
  • Save As PDF – Convert your PPT to a PDF, which is a smaller file format. Go to File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document.

Check File Size Limitations

When sending emails, you need to be aware of file size restrictions:

  • Gmail – 25MB limit per email
  • Outlook – 20MB limit per email
  • Yahoo – 25MB per email
  • AOL – 25MB per email

So before attaching your PowerPoint, check its file size to ensure it’s under the size limit. If over, take steps to further compress it.

Attach the PowerPoint File

Once your PowerPoint file is optimized and under the size limit, attach it to your email:

  • Open your email application (Gmail, Outlook, etc)
  • Click Compose to start a new email
  • Click the Attach File icon (often a paperclip icon)
  • Select your PowerPoint file to attach it
  • The file will now be attached to send

Additional Options

Here are some other options for sending your PowerPoint file:

  • Send as PDF – Convert to PDF first, then attach. More compatible format.
  • Share Link – Upload to cloud storage like Google Drive or OneDrive first, then paste view/edit link in email body.
  • Present Online – Upload to Microsoft Sway or PowerPoint Online to present directly in a web browser. Share link to presentation.

Email Presentation Best Practices

Follow these tips when emailing your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Use brief, clear subject lines
  • Include a message explaining the purpose of the attached presentation
  • Request delivery and read receipt confirmation
  • Follow up if you don’t receive a response within a couple days
  • Verify the recipient received and can open the presentation properly

By compressing your PowerPoint file, understanding email size restrictions, and following best practices, you can successfully send presentations through email. This allows you to easily collaborate and share your hard work with colleagues and clients.