How to Trim a Video in a Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow

Adding videos to your PowerPoint presentations can make them more engaging and dynamic. However, you may only need a short clip of a longer video to convey your message effectively. Trimming unwanted sections of a video can focus viewers’ attention on the most relevant parts and reduce file size. Fortunately, trimming videos directly in PowerPoint is straightforward.

Why Trim Videos in PowerPoint

Here are some of the key benefits of trimming videos before adding them to PowerPoint:

  • Emphasize key points: Removing irrelevant sections focuses viewers on important information.
  • Improve pacing: Trimming creates a more concise, well-paced video that maintains audience interest.
  • Reduce file size: Shorter video clips result in smaller file sizes for easier sharing and downloading.
  • Polish and professionalism: Precisely trimmed videos give a polished, professional impression.

Step-by-Step Guide to Trimming Videos in PowerPoint

Follow these simple steps to trim a video right within PowerPoint:

1. Insert the Video

  • In PowerPoint, navigate to the Insert tab and click Video.
  • Select Video from My PC and choose the video file you want to add from your computer.

Note: You can only trim videos inserted from your PC, not from external websites.

2. Select the Video and Go to Playback Tab

  • Click the video to select it. The Video Tools formatting tab will appear.
  • Go to the Playback tab.

3. Click Trim Video

  • In the Editing section, click Trim Video. The Trim Video window will open.

4. Set New Start and End Points

  • Use the green and red sliders at the bottom to choose new start and end points.
  • Click Play to preview your changes. Adjust as needed.

5. Click OK

  • When satisfied, click OK to trim the video.
  • The trimmed video will now play in your presentation.

Tips for Precise Trimming

Follow these tips to trim your video accurately:

  • Preview the video multiple times to identify the optimal start and end points
  • Use the zoom slider for precision when positioning the trim sliders
  • Trim gradually, adjusting in small increments to hone in on the perfect clip

Save a Copy of the Trimmed Video

To export a trimmed video for use outside of PowerPoint:

  1. Go to the File tab and click Info.
  2. Click Compress Media.
  3. Set options like video quality and size.
  4. Click OK. This saves a copy of the trimmed video.

The compressed media option retains your trims while reducing the file size, giving you a lightweight video file to use elsewhere.

And that’s it! With just a few clicks, you can trim videos right within PowerPoint slideshows. This simple editing makes it easy to focus viewers’ attention on the most impactful parts of a video.


  • Trim videos to emphasize key points and improve pacing
  • Use PowerPoint’s built-in trim tool for quick editing
  • Compress media to export trimmed videos for external use

We hope this guide gives you the skills to integrate short, targeted video clips into your next presentation. Let us know if you have any other questions!