How to Use a Laser Pointer in PowerPoint 2013

Have you ever given a PowerPoint presentation and wished you had a laser pointer to highlight key points on your slides? Well, you’re in luck! PowerPoint 2013 has a built-in laser pointer feature that allows you to turn your mouse into a laser pointer with just a click.

In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to use a laser pointer in your PowerPoint 2013 presentations.

Activate the Laser Pointer

Activating the laser pointer is simple. Here are the steps:

  • Enter Slide Show view – You can do this by clicking “Slide Show” > “From Beginning” on the ribbon.
  • Press and hold CTRL on your keyboard while clicking and holding the left mouse button – This turns your mouse into a laser pointer.
  • Drag your mouse to move the laser pointer around your slides. The laser beam will follow your mouse movements.
  • Release the left mouse button when done pointing something out – This makes the laser pointer disappear.
  • Press CTRL + left mouse button again anytime you want to make the laser pointer reappear

Easy right?!

Customize the Laser Pointer

By default, PowerPoint sets the laser pointer color to red. But you can customize it to be green or blue instead:

  • Exit Slide Show view and select the “Slide Show” tab
  • Click on “Set Up Slide Show”
  • Under “Show Options”, open the drop down menu next to “Laser Pointer Color”
  • Select the color you want: Red, Green, or Blue

And you’re all set! The next time you activate your laser pointer in Slide Show view, it will appear in the color you selected.

Tips for Using the Laser Pointer Effectively

Here are some tips to use the PowerPoint laser pointer effectively during your presentations:

  • Practice first! – Get comfortable with activating and controlling the movement of the laser pointer. Nothing looks more awkward than someone fumbling around trying to get their laser pointer to work properly.
  • Don’t leave it on the whole time – Only activate the laser pointer when you want to highlight something specific. Leaving it on the whole time is distracting.
  • Avoid excessive movement – Move the laser pointer purposefully to call attention to key text, charts, images, etc. Don’t wave it wildly around the screen.
  • Use it sparingly – Resist the urge to highlight everything on your slides. Only use the laser pointer to draw attention to your most important content.
  • Don’t stand in front of the screen – The laser pointer lets you highlight things from a distance. Take advantage of this.

Present Like a Pro!

Using the built-in laser pointer in PowerPoint 2013 makes it easy to draw your audience’s eyes to the most meaningful parts of your slides. Follow the tips above and you’ll have professional, polished presentations in no time!

The laser pointer is just one of many useful tools for great presentations in PowerPoint 2013. Be sure to also check out guides on animations, slide transitions, presenter view, and more!