How to Use Morph Transition in WPS PowerPoint

The Morph transition is a powerful feature in WPS PowerPoint that allows you to create smooth, seamless transitions between slides. It works by animating the movement and transformation of objects from one slide to the next[1].

How to Set Up Morph Transition

To use morph transition effectively, you need to have two slides with at least one object in common. Some tips:

  • Copy and paste a slide then move the common objects to a different place on the second slide[3].
  • Or just copy and paste common objects from one slide to the next[10].

The two slides should have similar starting and ending states for the transition to look smooth[6].

How to Apply Morph Transition

Once you have set up the “before” and “after” slides:

  1. Select the thumbnail of the second slide
  2. Go to Transitions > Transition Effects and select “Morph”[14]
  3. Adjust speed and other effect options as needed
  4. Click preview to see the transition
  5. Apply to additional slides as desired

Morph Transition Tips

  • Use morph for text, shapes, pictures, charts etc. to make presentations more dynamic[1][3]
  • Adjust speed to control pace of the transition[10]
  • Save frequently in case you need to backtrack[6]
  • Simple transitions between similar starting and ending points work best[6]

So in summary, the Morph transition in WPS Presentation provides an excellent way to keep your audience engaged with smooth animated effects between slides. It elevates standard PowerPoint transitions to a more modern, dynamic viewing experience.