What is Slide Master and How to Use it in PowerPoint

Sometimes, a PowerPoint document is packed with lots of slides which can vary in terms of style. If you cared so much about the consistency of your presentation, then making sure each slide is on par with your expectation is a must. But, do you have the time manually check dozens of slides?

Well, probably not. That’s why you need a better system that will ensure most visual elements across slides wouldn’t appear disjointed.

Enter, Slide Master — a PowerPoint feature that can do just that. One example that I have covered before is using it to add a watermark which is something that PowerPoint isn’t natively come with.

Follow along for more details.

What is Slide Master?

In simple terms, Slide Master is a basic framework that controls how each slide is going to look like.

For instance, you can put a logo on a master slide and all the inherited slides would also see the same logo. This is extremely useful to keep the look of the presentation consistent and connected.

There are many other things you could do with Slide Master, from changing the text size to adding or removing elements, modifying the footer, and much more. I hope you understand the concept by now because in the next chapter, you will see it in action.

How to use Slide Master

1. Open a PowerPoint document. In this example, I want to change the slide title font to something else.

2. Then go to View.

3. Select Slide Master.

4. You will see this layout. The first slide is the master or mother slide in blue which contains the general look of the slide. While the children slides in green are specific to their respective slide types.

5. You can modify the mother or children slide. For example, I’m changing the font slide title.

6. After you are finished, go to View and click Normal to return.

7. And here is the result. Notice that the title on other slides is changed even though I have only done a single work.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Again, there are tons of things you can do beyond just replacing a font style. Try using this feature to make your work faster, easier, and most importantly, consistent across slides. I hope this guide helps you!

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