How to Wrap Text Around Images in Google Slides

Wrapping text around images in Google Slides can give your presentations a polished, professional look. The technique draws the viewer’s eye to important visual elements while keeping supporting text neatly organized.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to wrap text around images in Google Slides with a simple workaround. We’ll cover the step-by-step process to help you create visually appealing presentations your audience will love.

Why Wrap Text Around Images?

Wrapping text around images improves readability by eliminating awkward gaps between text and images. It also enables you to fit more content on each slide without things looking cluttered.

The technique adds visual interest and draws attention to your images. This helps reinforce key messages and makes retention easier for your audience. Overall, text wrapping results in presentations that look clean, organized, and professionally designed.

Step 1: Insert an Image

To get started, open your Google Slides presentation and navigate to the slide where you want to add an image.

Click Insert > Image and choose an image from your computer files, Google Drive, or an online source. Position the image where desired on your slide.

Insert image in Google Slides

Make sure to insert your image before adding text boxes for wrapping in the next steps.

Step 2: Add Text Boxes

With your image in place, add text boxes to hold the text you want wrapped around the image.

Click Insert > Text Box and drag to create boxes above, below, and on either side of the image as needed.

Add text boxes in Google Slides

Tip: Make the text boxes slightly larger than required to allow room for adjustment.

Step 3. Add and Format Text

With your text boxes positioned, add text by typing or pasting content into each one.

Select and format the text as desired by changing font, size, color, etc. Then click the Align menu and choose Justify to align text within the boxes.

Add and format text in Google Slides

Justifying the text facilitates wrapping by evenly distributing text within the text boxes.

Step 4. Refine Positioning

If needed, grab the edges of text boxes to resize and position them closely around the image. Text will automatically wrap to fit as you adjust.

Continue tweaking and aligning until text flows smoothly around the image. Use alignments like center, left, or right align as helpful.

Refine text box positioning in Google Slides

Tip: Zooming in helps with precision when positioning text boxes.

Step 5. Add More Text Boxes (Optional)

For longer text, you may need additional text boxes to continue wrapping text around the image.

Follow the same process to add more boxes, add text, align, and position as needed to extend text wrapping over multiple boxes.

Add additional text boxes in Google Slides

Using color-coded text boxes can aid the wrapping process for complex designs.

And that’s it! With these five simple steps you can wrap text around images for polished, professional-looking Google Slides presentations.

Pro Tips for Better Text Wrapping

Here are some additional tips for taking your text wrapping skills to the next level:

  • Use small, narrow text boxes for increased wrapping flexibility.
  • Stack text boxes to flow text columns around images.
  • Overlap text box edges to hide box outlines.
  • Color code text boxes for easy editing of complex designs.
  • Zoom in for precision when positioning text boxes.
  • Balance text density above and below centered images.

Key Takeaways

  • Wrapping text around images improves readability and creates visual interest.
  • Simply insert an image, add text boxes, format text, and refine positioning.
  • Additional text boxes extend wrapping for longer text.
  • Advanced techniques provide added layout flexibility.

With this easy technique, you can create professional-looking Google Slides presentations that effectively feature your important images.

So give it a try on your next presentation and take your design skills up a notch!

Let me know if you have any other questions!