How to Zoom In and Out in PowerPoint (3 Ways)

Being able to zoom in and out on slides is an important skill when creating or presenting PowerPoint presentations. There are a few different ways to adjust the zoom level in PowerPoint.

Use the Zoom Slider

The easiest way to zoom in and out is using the Zoom slider located at the bottom right of the PowerPoint window:

  1. Go to the View tab
  2. In the bottom right corner, click and drag the Zoom slider left or right to zoom out or in
  3. You can also click the percentage box to the left of the slider to manually enter a specific zoom percentage


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Allows precise control over zoom percentage


  • Only available in Normal view, not Slide Show view

Use the Zoom Tools

The Zoom tools provide more zoom options:

  1. Go to the View tab
  2. Click Zoom to open zoom options
  3. Select a predefined zoom percentage or click Fit to fit slide to current window


  • More zoom percentages to choose from
  • Option to fit slide to window


  • Takes more clicks compared to zoom slider
  • Not available in Slide Show view

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out:

  • Zoom In: **Ctrl + **
  • Zoom Out: Ctrl + –
  • Fit Slide to Window: Ctrl + 0


  • Very fast once shortcuts are memorized
  • Keyboard shortcuts work in both Normal and Slide Show view


  • Requires memorizing shortcuts

Zoom Single Slides in Slide Show View

When presenting slides, you can zoom in on a single slide using the magnifying glass icon:

  1. In Slide Show view, go to bottom left corner
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon
  3. Click and drag around the slide to view specific areas zoomed in
  4. Press Esc to exit magnified view


  • Allows zooming in on slides during presentations
  • Can emphasize specific points or details


  • Only zooms one slide at a time

Use the Zoom Slider in Slide Sorter View

You can also use the Zoom slider in Slide Sorter view to zoom in and out on thumbnails:

  1. Go to View > Slide Sorter
  2. In bottom right corner, use the Zoom slider
  3. Drag slider or enter zoom percentage


  • Zooms all thumbnails at once
  • Better overview of presentation


  • Only available in Slide Sorter view

Quickly Zoom with the Scroll Wheel

For quick zooming without buttons, use the scroll wheel while holding Ctrl:

  • Zoom In: Ctrl + scroll up
  • Zoom Out: Ctrl + scroll down


  • Very fast way to quickly zoom in and out
  • Leaves mouse in same place instead of having to move to buttons


  • Easy to zoom too far in or out accidentally
  • Scroll wheel doesn’t work for some mice/trackpads

Customize Zoom Increments

You can customize how much zooming in/out occurs with each scroll wheel notch:

  1. Go to File > Options > Advanced
  2. Under Editing options, check the box for Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse
  3. Set custom zoom percentage increments


  • Fine tune scroll wheel zoom increments
  • Avoid accidentally zooming too far


  • More complex to set up
  • Only applies to scroll wheel zooming

Tips for Effective Zooming

  • Use zooming judiciously. Avoid excessive zooming as it can be distracting.
  • Rehearse presentations with zooming to ensure smooth transitions.
  • Zoom into areas of interest on charts/diagrams to emphasize key points.
  • Use slide transitions to zoom between slides instead of manually zooming.
  • Use zoom tools consistently across your presentation.


Learning how to quickly zoom in and out on PowerPoint slides using the various methods available is a valuable skill for both creating and presenting effective and polished presentations. Mastering keyboard shortcuts can help you zoom rapidly without reaching for the mouse. When presenting, rehearse your zooming ahead of time to ensure your points come across powerfully. With all of the zoom features and customizations available, you can fine tune PowerPoint zooming to perfectly suit your needs.