MS Project to Excel, Excel to PowerPoint

MS Project to Excel

  • Data can be exported from MS Project to Excel using the Export Wizard. This allows selecting specific fields like tasks, resources, assignments etc. to export[1].
  • Data can also be copied from MS Project and pasted into Excel. The paste special feature allows pasting the data as a link, so changes in MS Project can automatically flow through to Excel[18].

Excel to PowerPoint

  • Charts and data ranges can be copied from Excel and pasted into PowerPoint slides[22]. Paste special can be used to link the data, so it updates automatically.
  • VBA macros can automate the process of creating PowerPoint slides from Excel data[10]. This avoids manual copying and pasting.
  • Specialized add-ins like Power-user, SlideFab and DataPoint can create robust and automated links between Excel and PowerPoint[16][22].

In summary, MS Project, Excel and PowerPoint can be integrated in different ways – through export/import wizards, copy-paste linking, VBA automation and third party add-ins. This allows efficiently flowing data between the applications.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions! I can expand my answer with more details on any specific area.