PowerPoint 2000: Creating an Original Slide

PowerPoint 2000 allows users to create professional presentations with slides that include text, images, charts, tables, and other multimedia content. While PowerPoint comes with many built-in design templates and layouts, users can also create completely original slides tailored to their specific needs.

Getting Started with a Blank Slide

To create an original slide from scratch in PowerPoint 2000:

  1. Click the New Slide button on the toolbar
  2. Choose Insert > New Slide (or press Ctrl+M)
  3. Select Blank in the New Slide dialog box

This will insert a blank slide with no predefined layout into your presentation.

You can now add any content you want to this slide. Unlike the pre-designed slide layouts, the blank slide does not contain any placeholders, allowing complete creative freedom.

Adding Text

To add text boxes to your blank slide:

  • Use the Text Box tool on the Drawing toolbar
  • Click and drag to draw a text box on the slide
  • Type your text

You can create multiple text boxes for different content elements. Format the text as desired by changing the font, size, color, alignment, bullets, etc.

Tip: Use the Outline view pane to manage the structure of text content across multiple slides.

Incorporating Visuals

Visual content like images, charts, and diagrams make presentations more engaging and impactful. Ways to add visuals to your custom slide include:

  • Insert > Picture to add image files
  • Insert > Clip Art to insert illustrations
  • Use the Drawing toolbar to create shapes, arrows, text boxes, and more
  • Add charts or tables using the Insert menu options

Position, size, and format visual elements appropriately. Align related content using gridlines and alignment tools.

Animations and Transitions

Enhance your original slide with animations and transitions:

  • Slide Show > Custom Animation to make elements fly in, fade, spin, and more
  • Slide Show > Slide Transition to transition between slides with visual effects

Use animations and transitions sparingly to highlight key points without causing distractions.

Tips for Designing Effective Slides

Follow these tips when creating original PowerPoint slides:

  • Focus on one key message per slide
  • Use a simple, consistent design template
  • Limit text and use succinct bullet points
  • Incorporate relevant visuals
  • Ensure sufficient contrast between text and background
  • Use animations judiciously to reinforce key ideas
  • Maintain a professional tone suited for the audience

Review and proofread slides carefully before presenting. Custom original slides allow you to build visually impactful and engaging presentations in PowerPoint 2000 tailored to your specific communication needs.