PowerPoint 2000: Moving from Slide to Slide and Spell Check

  1. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to keep PowerPoint files under 100MB. Files larger than that may load slowly, be prone to corruption, or cause crashes.
  2. PowerPoint is really meant for creating presentations, not as a photo cataloging tool. So using it to store thousands of images in one file pushes the software beyond its intended capabilities.
  3. Issues you can encounter with very large PowerPoint files include:
  • Slow load and save times
  • Sluggish performance when editing slides
  • Difficulty adding new slides or content
  • Corruption leading to damaged files
  • Program crashes and instability
  1. Hardware can also be a limiting factor. But in general, an average modern computer should be able to handle reasonable PowerPoint file sizes without too much difficulty.
  2. If the file absolutely must store a large number of images, it may help to break it up into separate, smaller PowerPoint files instead of one massive file.

So in summary – aim to keep PowerPoint files under 100MB whenever possible for best performance. Consider alternative solutions for cataloging thousands of images, rather than overloading PowerPoint beyond what it was designed for. Let me know if you have any other questions!