PowerPoint 2003: Adding AutoShapes, WordArt, and Hyperlinks

PowerPoint 2003 provides many tools to enhance the visual appeal of your presentations. Three useful features are AutoShapes, WordArt, and hyperlinks.


AutoShapes are pre-made shapes you can insert into your slides, such as lines, basic shapes, block arrows, stars, and banners.

To insert an AutoShape:

  1. Click Insert > Pictures > AutoShapes
  2. Select an AutoShape category like Basic Shapes
  3. Click the specific AutoShape you want to insert

Once inserted, you can:

  • Resize the AutoShape by clicking and dragging the handles
  • Add text within the shape with Insert > Text Box
  • Change the fill color and line style from the Format menu
  • Rotate or flip the shape under Draw > Rotate or Flip

Here is an example slide with various AutoShapes:

AutoShapes example

AutoShapes are useful for organizing information visually and making text stand out on slides.


WordArt applies artistic text effects to your titles and headings. To insert WordArt:

  1. Click Insert > Picture > WordArt
  2. Select a WordArt style you like
  3. Type your text

You can then format the WordArt using options on the WordArt toolbar like:

  • Edit Text to modify the text
  • Various formatting options to change the font, size, color etc.

Here is an example of WordArt used for a title:

WordArt Example

WordArt helps titles stand out and adds visual flair. But use it sparingly to avoid distracting from your main content.


Hyperlinks allow you to create interactive slides by linking to:

  • Other slides within the presentation
  • Websites
  • Documents
  • Email addresses

To insert a hyperlink:

  1. Select the text or object to represent the link
  2. Click Insert > Hyperlink
  3. Choose what to link to like a website URL
  4. Click OK

When presenting, you can click the hyperlink to open the linked page.

Hyperlinks help the audience access more information from your slides. Just be sure the links work before presenting!

In Summary

AutoShapes, WordArt, and hyperlinks help enhance PowerPoint slides:

  • AutoShapes organize information visually
  • WordArt makes artistic text effects
  • Hyperlinks create interactivity

But use them judiciously. The main focus should still be your presentation content.