PowerPoint 2007: Themes and Background Styles


Themes and background styles are powerful design tools in PowerPoint 2007 that allow you to quickly apply professional and visually appealing formatting to your presentations.

Themes are a set of coordinated fonts, colors, and effects that provide a unified look and feel. Background styles build upon themes by offering different slide background variations.

Using themes and background styles can save you a tremendous amount of time compared to formatting presentations manually. They also ensure visual consistency across your slides.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Benefits of using themes and background styles
  • Applying, customizing, and saving themes
  • Modifying theme colors, fonts, and effects
  • Applying and changing background styles
  • Tips for working with themes and backgrounds

Benefits of Themes and Background Styles

Here are some of the major benefits of using themes and background styles in PowerPoint 2007:

  • Professional appearance – Themes give your presentation a polished, professionally designed look.
  • Visual consistency – Fonts, colors, and effects are coordinated, ensuring consistency across slides.
  • Time savings – Applying a theme and background is much faster than manual formatting.
  • Creativity – Build custom themes and backgrounds to match your branding.
  • Accessibility – Change just one element like fonts or colors and it updates everywhere.
  • Flexibility – Easily switch themes and backgrounds as your presentation evolves.

Applying and Customizing Themes

Applying a theme in PowerPoint 2007 is simple:

  1. Go to the Design tab
  2. In the Themes group, mouse over the different themes to preview how they will look
  3. Click on a theme to apply it

Once you’ve applied a theme, you may want to customize it further to match your personal preferences or branding.

PowerPoint makes theme customization easy through the Colors, Fonts, and Effects options.

For example, to change just the theme colors, click Colors and choose the color variation you want. This updates the colors used across the entire theme.

Modifying Theme Elements

Beyond choosing theme variations, you can manually modify individual theme elements:


To change the theme colors:

  1. Click Colors > Create New Theme Colors
  2. Adjust colors as desired
  3. Save the theme colors to reuse later

You can change the colors used for text, backgrounds, accents, and more.


To change the theme fonts:

  1. Click Fonts > Create New Theme Fonts
  2. Choose font family, size, and color
  3. Save the theme fonts to reuse

You can set fonts for headings, body text, placeholder text, and hyperlinks.


To change theme effects like shadows or reflections:

  1. Click Effects > Effects Options
  2. Adjust options
  3. Click Apply To All

Applying and Changing Background Styles

While themes set fonts, colors, and effects – background styles specifically define slide backgrounds.

PowerPoint 2007 comes with 12 built-in background styles ranging from solid fills to subtle gradients.

To apply a background style:

  1. Click Background Styles in the Themes group
  2. Select the background style you want

You can also apply formatting like colors, gradients, textures, and even photos by selecting Format Background instead.

Tips for Working with Themes and Backgrounds

Here are some tips to help you work effectively with themes and backgrounds in PowerPoint 2007:

  • Build a custom theme to reuse across presentations by modifying colors, fonts, and effects
  • Use background styles to quickly change the tone or “feel” of your presentation
  • Be careful when applying custom backgrounds like photos – make sure text remains readable
  • Limit textures and patterns so as not to distract from slide content
  • Use theme effects sparingly – less is often more
  • Change background styles on select slides to highlight key points
  • Never underestimate the impact of great design – themes and backgrounds can make average content look spectacular!


Themes and background styles help you transform lackluster slides into professional, visually engaging presentations with just a few clicks.

Take advantage of the powerful formatting tools in PowerPoint 2007 to save time, ensure consistency, and make your message stand out.

With a custom theme and some creative backgrounds, your presentations will look amazing!