PowerPoint 2013: Working with Your Microsoft Account and OneDrive

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 has integrated connectivity with online Microsoft accounts and OneDrive cloud storage. This allows users to easily access, share, and collaborate on PowerPoint presentations online.

Connecting PowerPoint to Your Microsoft Account

To utilize the online features in PowerPoint 2013, you first need to connect the program to your Microsoft account:

  • Open PowerPoint and click the File tab
  • Click Account in the left menu and then click Connect to a Microsoft account
  • Enter your Microsoft email address and password and click Sign in

Once connected, your name and email will display in the top right. You can now access OneDrive documents and collaborate with others online.

Accessing Presentations in OneDrive

With PowerPoint connected to your Microsoft account, you can directly access presentations stored in OneDrive:

  • Click the Open button
  • Select OneDrive on the left menu
  • Navigate through your OneDrive folders to the presentation file you want to open
  • Click the file and then click Open

Saved presentations will now also be set to automatically sync with OneDrive online storage.

Sharing Presentations Using Your Microsoft Account

Connecting PowerPoint with your Microsoft account also makes sharing presentations simpler:

  • With your presentation open, click Share in the top right
  • Enter people’s email addresses you want to share with
  • Choose their access level:
  • Can view – View and download presentation
  • Can edit – Full editing access
  • Type a quick message and click Share

An email invite will now be sent allowing them to access the presentation online.

Co-Authoring Presentations in Real Time

A key benefit of connecting PowerPoint to Microsoft accounts is being able to collaborate on the same presentation simultaneously:

  • Presence indicators – See when others are editing the presentation
  • Real-time co-editing – Multiple people can edit slides at the same time
  • Comments – Leave feedback on specific slides for others to see

To start co-authoring:

  1. Share the presentation with editor access
  2. Have collaborators open the shared presentation link
  3. As multiple people edit, presence indicators and live changes will display

This allows seamless team collaboration on presentations.

Accessing AutoSaved Versions from Any Device

Another helpful feature is that PowerPoint now automatically saves presentation revisions as you work:

  • AutoSave – The presentation is saved every few seconds
  • Version history – Access previous auto-saved versions of your presentation

The auto-saved versions are synced with OneDrive storage. This allows you to easily pick up where you left off from any device.

Best Practices When Collaborating Online

When working on presentations together online, here are some tips:

  • Communication – Discuss assignments and roles with collaborators first
  • Save often – Manually save important changes in addition to auto-save
  • Merge changes – When done, merge all edits into a final version
  • Lock final – Mark as final and lock to prevent further changes

Establishing best practices will optimize the online collaboration process.


Connecting your Microsoft account and OneDrive storage in PowerPoint 2013 unlocks powerful cloud-based features:

  • Access presentations anywhere from OneDrive integration
  • Smoothly share presentations with other users
  • Co-author together on the same presentation in real time
  • Restore previous auto-saved versions from the cloud