PowerPoint 2016: Hyperlinks

What are Hyperlinks in PowerPoint?

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint allow you to:

  • Link to webpages, files, email addresses, or other slides within the presentation
  • Make your presentation more interactive by allowing users to navigate to additional information with one click

When you insert a hyperlink in PowerPoint, it consists of:

  • The address – the destination where the hyperlink goes, like a URL or file path
  • The display text – the visible, clickable text or image that triggers the link

How to Insert a Hyperlink in PowerPoint

Inserting a basic hyperlink in PowerPoint is easy:

  • Select the text or object you want to be clickable
  • On the Insert tab, click Hyperlink
  • In the dialog box, specify the destination in the Address field and display text
  • Click OK

You can link to:

  • Webpages
  • Other slides in the same presentation
  • Other Office documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint files
  • Email addresses to open the default email application

Tips for Using Hyperlinks Effectively

Here are some best practices when working with hyperlinks in PowerPoint:

  • Use descriptive, meaningful display text, don’t just show the URL
  • Make sure hyperlinked text is underlined and in a different color to indicate it’s clickable
  • Test all hyperlinks before presenting to ensure they work properly
  • Don’t overuse hyperlinks – too many can distract from key content
  • Place near relevant information so users know why they should click

Changing Hyperlink Color

To change default hyperlink colors:

  • On the Design tab, click Colors, then Hyperlink
  • Choose a color that stands out against slide backgrounds
  • Ensure the color contrasts well with regular text colors

You can also change an individual hyperlink’s color:

  • Right-click the hyperlink and select Edit Hyperlink
  • Click the blue text next to Color and choose a different color

Troubleshooting Hyperlinks

Common hyperlink issues:

  • Linking to a file that has moved locations or been deleted
  • Typos in the Address field
  • Incompatible file type conversions
  • Security restrictions blocking certain links

To fix issues:

  • Double check the accuracy of each hyperlink Address
  • Update links to currently valid destinations
  • Use file formats like PPTX that preserve hyperlinks well
  • Check security and privacy options that may block links


Adding hyperlinks makes presentations more useful and interactive. With PowerPoint’s linking tools, you can easily create clickable links to improve the way you convey information to your audience.