PowerPoint 2016: PowerPoint Quiz

PowerPoint 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft’s popular presentation software. This article will test your knowledge of PowerPoint 2016 through a 10 question multiple choice quiz.

Getting Started with PowerPoint 2016

To get started using PowerPoint 2016, open the PowerPoint app on your computer. You will see options to create a new blank presentation, choose from a variety of templates, or open an existing PowerPoint file.

The PowerPoint interface has a ribbon at the top with various tabs like Home, Insert, Design, Transitions, and more to access different tools. You can insert new slides from the Home tab. Each slide has multiple layouts to choose from like Title Slide, Section Header, Comparison, etc.

Some key things you can do in PowerPoint 2016:

  • Create animated slide transitions
  • Insert charts, tables, SmartArt graphics, 3D models, and video
  • Collaborate with others in real-time using Co-Authoring
  • Add presenter notes only visible to you for reference during presentation
  • Create self-running, kiosk style presentations
  • Export presentations as videos, PDF handouts, and more

Now let’s move on to testing your PowerPoint knowledge through a 10 question quiz!

PowerPoint 2016 Quiz

1. What is the keyboard shortcut to add a new slide in PowerPoint 2016?

  • A. Ctrl + M
  • B. Ctrl + N
  • C. Ctrl + Shift + N
  • D. Ctrl + M

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The keyboard shortcut to insert a new slide is Ctrl + M

2. Which PowerPoint view allows you to view multiple slides side-by-side for easy reordering?

  • A. Slide Sorter View
  • B. Normal View
  • C. Reading View
  • D. Slide Show View

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Slide Sorter View allows you to see multiple slides side-by-side for easy reordering of slides.

3. What option can you enable so others can download your PowerPoint presentation?

  • A. Allow Download
  • B. Enable Editing
  • C. Share with Commenting
  • D. Present Online

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The “Enable remote viewers to download the presentation” option allows others to download your PowerPoint file.

4. How do you make text bold in PowerPoint 2016?

  • A. Ctrl + B
  • B. Ctrl + U
  • C. Ctrl + I
  • D. Ctrl + Shift + B

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Ctrl + B is the keyboard shortcut to bold text in PowerPoint.

5. Which PowerPoint element allows you to zoom in on parts of a slide?

  • A. Zoom Slider
  • B. Laser Pointer
  • C. Magnifier
  • D. Spotlight

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The zoom slider allows you to zoom in and out on parts of a slide during presentation.

6. What is the quickest way to apply a theme to all slides?

  • A. Copy and paste theme to each slide
  • B. Save as theme template
  • C. Set New Theme from Design tab
  • D. Insert theme content placeholder

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You can quickly apply a theme to all slides by selecting it under the Design tab.

7. Which PowerPoint feature transcribes your words into on-screen captions?

  • A. Live Captions
  • B. Subtitles
  • C. Voice Narration
  • D. Dictation

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Live Captions can transcribe your words into captions on-screen during your PowerPoint presentation.

8. What chart type shows values across categories and compares totals?

  • A. Line Chart
  • B. Column Chart
  • C. Pie Chart
  • D. Area Chart

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A column chart allows you to compare values across categories and see totals.

9. To present online with remote viewers, what PowerPoint tab has the Present Online button?

  • A. File tab
  • B. Share tab
  • C. Review tab
  • D. View tab

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To present online, go to File > Share > Present Online and click the Present Online button.

10. How do you end slideshow mode?

  • A. Right-click and select End Show
  • B. Press F1 key
  • C. Press Esc key
  • D. Go to Slide Show tab and click End

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Pressing the Esc key will exit you out of slideshow mode.

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We hope this PowerPoint 2016 quiz was helpful for testing and improving your PowerPoint knowledge!