PowerPoint 2016: Sharing Your Presentation Online

Sharing your PowerPoint 2016 presentation online is easy and allows you to collaborate with others or present to a remote audience. There are several options for online sharing:

Present Online

The Present Online feature in PowerPoint 2016 allows you to present your slideshow live over the internet. Viewers can watch your presentation in their web browser without needing PowerPoint installed.

To use Present Online:

  • Click Slide Show > Present Online > Office Presentation Service
  • Check the box to allow viewers to download the presentation (optional)
  • Click Connect to get a shareable meeting link
  • Send the link to attendees via email, chat, etc.
  • Click Start Presentation when ready

Present Online allows real-time presentation sharing to anyone with the link. It’s useful for webinars, virtual meetings, remote trainings, and more.

Share via Link

You can get a direct link to your PowerPoint file stored on OneDrive and share access with others.

To share via link:

  • Save presentation to OneDrive
  • Click Share > Get a Link
  • Copy the link and share wherever needed
  • Recipients can view or edit depending on permissions

File sharing via link allows real-time collaboration with colleagues. It also enables presenting directly from the cloud.

Send as Attachment

To share your presentation as a copy or PDF attachment:

  • Click Share
  • Select Attach a Copy
  • Choose PowerPoint Presentation or PDF
  • PowerPoint will attach the file to a new email
  • Enter recipient details and send

Sending as an attachment lets you share presentations easily through email without requiring cloud storage. It also allows sharing with viewers who may not have PowerPoint installed.

Upload to Video Sharing Sites

You can export your presentation as a video and upload to sites like YouTube:

  • Click File > Export > Create a Video
  • Select MP4 or other video format
  • Set video quality and size options
  • Click Create Video to export and save
  • Upload saved video file to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Uploading to video sharing sites increases visibility and makes your presentation accessible to a wider online audience.

Best Practices

When sharing presentations online:

  • Remove slides irrelevant for standalone viewing
  • Add clear call-to-action buttons to drive traffic
  • Use slide notes for additional context
  • Check accessibility by adding alt text, captions, etc.
  • Test links, videos and other media for web viewing
  • Set sharing permissions appropriately for your purpose

Following best practices improves the viewing experience and ensures accessibility for online audiences.

Sharing your work online has many benefits – it allows gathering feedback, increases exposure, fosters collaboration and makes information more accessible. By using PowerPoint’s sharing options, you can unlock the full potential of your presentations.