How to Make PowerPoint File Read-Only

Time Needed : 1 minutes


Microsoft PowerPoint introduces a read-only restriction to prevent accidental changes by other people who are not listed as the file's author. You can make your PowerPoint file become read-only easily by following the step by step guide below.

  1. Open the PowerPoint file you want to set as read-only.

  2. Go to the File menu.

  3. Click on Info, select Protect Presentation > Always Open Read-Only.

  4. You would see the option is now highlighted in yellow.

  5. Save the PowerPoint file. You can also choose to Save As a new separated file.

  6. The PowerPoint file with the read-only restriction will give you a notice like this. You can click on Edit Anyway to override the restriction.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint file (PPT/PPTX)

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Keep in mind that other people still able to edit the file if they wish by unlocking the read-only protection, at least this will prevent some unintentional changes when they are using the file. It best to create a duplicate version just in case the other is messed up.


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