PowerPoint XP: Using the AutoContent Wizard

The AutoContent Wizard is a handy tool in PowerPoint XP that makes creating professional presentations quick and easy. This wizard provides templates and sample slides to help you get started.

Benefits of the AutoContent Wizard

Here are some of the key benefits of using the AutoContent Wizard:

  • Saves time – Rather than starting from a blank slate, the wizard gives you pre-made slide templates to work from. This can shave hours off your presentation creation time.
  • Professional designs – The slide templates in the wizard feature professionally designed layouts, color schemes, and text formatting. Even if you’re not a designer, your presentation will still look polished.
  • Customizable content – While the wizard provides sample text and image placeholders, you can easily replace these with your own content. It’s a starting point that you can customize to fit your needs.
  • Different presentation types – The wizard includes templates for various presentation types like business, education, marketing, and more. You can quickly find a design appropriate for your audience and purpose.

Using the Wizard

Getting started with the AutoContent Wizard is simple:

  1. Open PowerPoint and select File > New
  2. Select AutoContent Wizard and click OK
  3. Choose a presentation category and type
  4. Click Next and enter a title and footer
  5. Click Finish to have the wizard build your presentation outline

The wizard will create a PowerPoint file with sample slides based on the options you chose. For example, if you select a “Marketing Campaign” presentation, you might get slides like “Campaign Overview”, “Our Solution”, “Sales Goals”, etc.

Now comes the customization part…

Go through each slide, deleting ones you don’t need. For those you’re keeping, replace the pre-populated text, images, and graphics with content that’s specific to your presentation.

The placeholders provided by the wizard make the editing process simple since you don’t have to format everything from scratch.

Design Customization

In addition to content changes, you may want to customize the overall design too. Here are some quick ways to do that:

  • Change color theme – Go to the Design tab and pick a different theme. This will change the colors and fonts used across all slides.
  • Modify slide layouts – Delete unnecessary content boxes or add new ones to individual slides as needed.
  • Insert graphics/media – The wizard slides primarily use text and basic shapes. Enhance your slides further with photos, videos, charts, SmartArt, and other visuals.
  • Animate objects – Make your presentation more dynamic by adding animations to individual elements on each slide. This brings your content to life!

Best Practices

Keep these tips in mind when working with the AutoContent Wizard:

  • Focus on your content first before styling – it’s easier to edit placeholders than create from blank slides.
  • Be selective about which pre-made slides you use so your presentation flows logically.
  • Don’t get overly reliant on the templates – customize liberally to make it your own!
  • Strike a balance between enough design polish and not going overboard on animations/effects.


The AutoContent Wizard streamlines the process for building professional PowerPoint decks. Thanks to its handy templates and easy editing tools, you can create stunning presentations more efficiently.

Just remember to tailor the placeholders to your specific presentation content and audience. With some customization effort, the wizard can help you produce effective, high-impact slides!