Quick Method to Convert Keynote to Google Slides

Converting your Keynote presentations to Google Slides allows you to collaborate with others who may not have access to Keynote. While there is no direct conversion method, it only takes a few quick steps to convert Keynote files to the Google Slides format.

Why Convert Keynote to Google Slides

Here are some of the key reasons you may want to convert your Keynote presentations to Google Slides:

  • Collaboration – Google Slides makes it easy to collaborate with others. Multiple people can view and edit Google Slide presentations simultaneously.
  • Accessibility – More people have access to Google Slides than Keynote, since it works on any device with a browser. This makes sharing presentations easier.
  • Feature parity – Google Slides has nearly all the same features as Keynote, including animations, transitions, shapes, charts, etc.
  • Easy sharing – Presentations stored in Google Drive can be easily shared via link or email. No file attachments needed.

How to Convert Keynote to Google Slides

The process involves just a few simple steps:

  1. Export Keynote file – In Keynote, go to File > Export To and choose PowerPoint format. Save the file.
  2. Upload to Google Drive – Go to Google Drive and upload the PowerPoint file you exported.
  3. Convert file – Right click on the PowerPoint file in Drive and choose “Open with > Google Slides”.
  4. Edit as needed – The presentation will now open in Google Slides where you can edit as desired.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here is more detail on each step to convert a Keynote presentation to Google Slides:

  1. Export from Keynote
    • Open the Keynote presentation you want to convert
    • Select File > Export To from the top menu
    • Choose PowerPoint as the export format
    • Select a location and enter a filename
    • Click Export to complete the process
  2. Upload to Google Drive
    • Go to Google Drive in your web browser
    • Click New > File Upload
    • Select the PowerPoint file you exported from Keynote
    • Click Open to upload the file to Drive
  3. Convert to Google Slides format
    • Right-click on the PowerPoint file in Drive
    • Choose Open with > Google Slides from the menu
    • The presentation will now open in Google Slides
  4. Edit in Google Slides
    • You can now edit the presentation in Google Slides
    • Animations and transitions may need to be recreated
    • Save the presentation in Google Drive when finished

And that’s it! After following these steps you’ll have a Google Slides presentation converted from your original Keynote file.

Tips for Converting Keynote to Google Slides

Here are some useful tips to ensure your presentation converts properly:

  • Review all slides for formatting issues after conversion
  • Recreate custom animations and transitions in Google Slides
  • Check that fonts and images appear correctly
  • Consider saving a copy of the original Keynote file
  • Practice presenting in Google Slides before the actual presentation

Benefits of Google Slides Over Keynote

Once converted to Google Slides, your presentation can take advantage of helpful Google Slides features:

  • Real-time collaboration – Allow others to edit slides simultaneously
  • Add-ons – Use add-ons to add even more features
  • Offline access – View and edit presentations offline after syncing
  • Comments – Collaborators can leave comments on individual slides
  • Version history – See a version history of changes made to the presentation
  • Q&A – Engage your audience with real-time Q&A during presentations

Converting from Keynote to Google Slides unlocks all these helpful features and more. Follow the quick tutorial above to convert your presentations today.