Save Each Group of Shapes in PowerPoint Slides as Individual PNGs

  • Select the shape/object and right click
  • Choose “Save as Picture”
  • Select PNG as file format in the dialog box

To save multiple shapes/objects as one PNG image

  • Press Shift key and select multiple shapes/objects
  • Right click the selection and choose “Save as Picture”
  • Save as PNG format

To export high resolution PNG images

  • Go to File > Options > Advanced > Image Size and Quality
  • Check “Do not compress images in file” and select “High Fidelity”
  • Then save slides as PNG images

To retain transparency when saving shapes as images

  • When saving as picture, PowerPoint automatically retains transparency if PNG format is selected

To convert a grouped object to a single shape

  • One option is to save the group as an image (PNG/JPG etc) and insert that back as a picture shape
  • There is no direct way to convert a group to a single shape

So in summary, PowerPoint provides options to export slides/objects as PNG images while retaining parameters like transparency and resolution. The key is selecting the appropriate settings while saving as picture.