How to Screen Record on PowerPoint

We want to show you how you can record your computer screen without having to download any screen recorders or any software. You could simply use a tool that comes with PowerPoint 2021.

Screen recording tool is a powerful tool that PowerPoint has included for us. So, if you want to be able to provide instructions or a tutorial you can go ahead and take advantage of the screen recording tool.

1. Go to the Recording tab, and click Screen Recording.

2. Click Select area, and select a particular area that you want to record.

3. If you click Record Pointer, you also can record the pointer so that it’s capturing the pointer on the screen as you’re moving along.

4. You can either turn the Audio off if you don’t want to or if you just want to provide a visual.

5. When you’re ready, hit the Record button. The recording process will start after the countdown.

6. To stop recording, click Stop or press the Windows logo key + Shift + Q on your keyboard.

7. As soon as you’re finished, the recording result just drops into a blank slide. You can resize it or move it around just like an image.

8. In the Video Format tab, you can apply any tweaking for the video such as recoloring it, add various styles, adjustments, and effects as well.

9. And in the Playback tab, you can trim the video, provide a fade, set the volume, loop, captions, and many others.

Now, create a small tutorial for yourself, maybe for a friend, or even for a colleague, and present it in PowerPoint.

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