Select Multiple Objects in a PowerPoint Slide

  • Use Shift + click to select multiple objects one by one. Hold down Shift while clicking on each object you want to select[1][2][3][5].
  • Draw a selection box around the objects by clicking and dragging around the objects you want to select[1][2].
  • Go to Select > Select Objects from the toolbar to select hidden, stacked or overlapping objects by drawing a selection box[2].
  • Use Ctrl + A to select all objects on the slide[16].
  • Open the Selection Pane (Select > Selection Pane) to easily see and select individual objects[2][16].

Working with Multiple Selected Objects

  • Once objects are selected, you can move, format, align, group or delete them together[1][2][5].
  • Use the Format tab to align (left, right, top, etc.) or distribute selected objects[2].
  • Right click and select Group > Group to group selected objects so they move together[1][3][11].
  • Double click a grouped object to edit just that object within the group[9].

Troubleshooting Issues

  • Grouping may fail if objects are inside text placeholder boxes; move them out first[7].
  • Check if Shift / Ctrl keys work properly and reset PowerPoint if needed[21].

In summary, Shift/Ctrl clicking, drawing selection boxes, and the Selection Pane are key to selecting multiple objects in PowerPoint. Once selected, you have various options to work with those objects together.