Use PowerPoint’s Laser Pointer to Catch Attention and Add Excitement

Using PowerPoint’s built-in laser pointer is an excellent way to catch your audience’s attention and add excitement to your presentations. The laser pointer allows you to highlight specific parts of your slides, guiding your audience’s focus to important elements.

Here are some tips for effectively using PowerPoint’s laser pointer:

Enable the Laser Pointer

  • To enable PowerPoint’s laser pointer, start the slideshow (Slide Show tab > From Beginning or From Current Slide)
  • Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click/drag the left mouse button to activate the pointer
  • The default color is red, but you can change it to green or blue for contrast (Slide Show tab > Set Up Slide Show > Laser Pointer Color dropdown)

Use Strategically

  • Use the laser pointer sparingly – too much movement can distract rather than enlighten
  • Pause on key points to focus attention before continuing your presentation
  • Trace the flow of a process or journey to connect ideas visually
  • Circle or underline text to emphasize critical information

Practice Your Technique

  • Don’t wave the pointer haphazardly – think about your movement
  • Glide smoothly from point to point on your slides
  • Find the right speed – not too fast or slow
  • Practice presentations beforehand to refine your laser pointer technique

Interactive Techniques

The laser pointer grabs people’s attention, but you need compelling content to keep them engaged. Combine the laser with interactive presentation techniques for maximum impact:

  • Pose questions – highlight the answer with your laser pointer
  • Call on audience members to offer thoughts, tracing key ideas they share
  • Draw people’s gaze to video/animation clips before pressing play

Creatively Guide Your Audience

Get creative with how you use the laser pointer to control the flow of information:

  • Slowly reveal bullet points one-by-one by circling them
  • Trace a circle to zoom into a diagram or image
  • Lead the audience’s gaze around specific areas of a slide
  • Connect concepts by drawing invisible lines between elements
  • Underline or bracket pieces of text as you discuss them

The laser pointer is a useful tool for emphasizing key ideas and visually guiding your audience through presentations. Use it strategically, incorporate interactivity, practice your technique, and get creative to boost engagement. With PowerPoint’s built-in laser pointer, you can catch attention and make your presentations more dynamic.