Where Can I Find Google Slides Themes

Google Slides is a popular presentation software that makes it easy to create beautiful and professional slide decks. With a wide variety of built-in themes and the ability to customize everything from colors to fonts, Google Slides gives you the tools to make your presentation stand out. But if you want to take your slide deck to the next level, using custom Google Slides themes is the way to go. Here’s an overview of some of the best places to find unique and creative Google Slides themes.

Free Google Slides Theme Galleries

Several websites offer free custom Google Slides themes that you can download and add to your presentation. These galleries allow you to browse themes by category, style, or color to find the perfect design.

  • Slidesgo – Over 15,000 free templates covering topics like business, education, and travel. New themes added weekly.
  • SlidesMania – Modern designs with creative backgrounds. Focused on education templates.
  • SlideModel – Professionally designed Google Slides themes optimized for customization.
  • Slide Carnival – Bold and vibrant Google Slides templates. Great for educators.

When downloading free themes, pay attention to the license terms. Some themes require attribution while others can be used commercially without crediting the creator.

Premium Google Slides Themes

For more options, consider purchasing premium Google Slides themes. These professionally designed templates give you high-quality artwork and designs not available for free.

  • GraphicRiver – Marketplace with Google Slides themes starting under $10. New options added daily.
  • Envato Elements – Subscription service with unlimited downloads. Over 2 million design assets.
  • Design Shack – Modern and creative Google Slides themes focused on visual impact.

When buying premium themes, pay attention to licensing terms. Many themes allow for commercial use but some limit the number of end products you can create.

Customize Existing Google Slides Themes

The built-in themes in Google Slides are a great starting point too. You can customize colors, fonts, and layouts to create a unique look.

  • Use the Change Theme button to browse options
  • Try the Theme Builder to edit slide masters
  • Change template text placeholders to fit your content
  • Add logo and images to brand your presentation

With some tweaking, you can transform a default Google Slides theme into something tailored to your needs.

Create Your Own Google Slides Theme

If you want complete control over your presentation design, build a custom Google Slides theme from scratch.

  • Design slide layouts and masters in Google Slides
  • Define repeatable styles for fonts, colors, etc
  • Add branding elements like logos
  • Save as a template to reuse

Creating your own theme lets you craft a perfectly branded slide deck, but requires more design work upfront compared to using pre-made themes.


With the right Google Slides theme, you can create professional, visually appealing presentations with ease. Start by browsing the many free and premium theme options available. Or customize an existing design to match your needs. With a bit of effort, you can find the perfect theme to make your next presentation shine.