Where is Page Setup in PowerPoint 2013?

In PowerPoint 2013, the Page Setup options have been moved from their own menu to the Custom Slide Size menu under the Design tab. Here are the steps to access Page Setup in PowerPoint 2013:

Accessing Page Setup

To access the Page Setup options in PowerPoint 2013:

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to edit
  • Click on the Design tab at the top of the window
  • In the Customize section, click the Slide Size button
  • Click Custom Slide Size

This will open the Custom Slide Size menu which contains all the options that were previously in the Page Setup menu, including:

  • Slide size
  • Slide orientation
  • Notes, handouts and outline orientation
  • How PowerPoint starts page numbering

Page Setup Options

The key Page Setup options you can edit are:

  • Slide Size – Set a custom width and height or choose from standard paper sizes
  • Orientation – Choose portrait or landscape
  • Slides Sized For – Optimize for on-screen display or printing
  • Notes Page and Handouts – Determine page layout and orientation
  • Enable Section 508 accessibility features – Improve accessibility for users with disabilities

To adjust the slide size:

  • Select “Custom” for Slides Sized For
  • Enter new values for Slide Width and Slide Height
  • Click OK

To change slide orientation:

  • Choose “Portrait” or “Landscape” orientation
  • Click OK

Why Page Setup Changed

The Page Setup options were likely moved to the Custom Slide Size menu to consolidate related configuration settings in one place. This menu now contains all settings related to configuring slide dimensions and page layout.

By housing these options together, it makes it easier for users to find and modify settings related to slide size, orientation, and page layout.

Best Practices

Here are some best practices when working with Page Setup in PowerPoint 2013:

  • Set slide size and orientation early in your design process
  • Preview slides on the actual display device/format you will use
  • Balance information density and text size for on-screen vs print
  • Evaluate accessibility needs and enable accessibility features
  • Use slide masters to efficiently apply changes to multiple slides
  • Save custom slide sizes to easily reuse if needed again

Compatibility with Older Versions

The change to Page Setup does not affect compatibility with older PowerPoint versions. PowerPoint 2013 files containing custom slide sizes will open correctly in PowerPoint 2010 and 2007.

However, users of older versions won’t have access to new Page Setup options available in PowerPoint 2013. Custom slide sizes may also reflow text and objects differently in earlier versions.


Accessing Page Setup is simple once you know where to look – just use the Custom Slide Size menu under the Design tab. Manipulating slide dimensions and layout is critical for presentation success, so master these essential configuration options. Optimizing Page Setup will allow you to craft polished, professional, and impactful PowerPoint decks.