Word 97 Hyperlink to a PowerPoint File


Hyperlinking between Microsoft Office documents allows you to easily navigate between related files. For example, you can insert a hyperlink in a Word 97 document that opens a specific slide in a PowerPoint 97 presentation. This connects the content between the two files.

Hyperlinks can be especially useful for:

  • Referencing information in another document without duplicating content
  • Keeping related files organized together
  • Creating an intuitive workflow for the reader

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to insert a hyperlink from Word to PowerPoint
  • Tips for managing linked documents
  • Limitations of hyperlinks between Office 97 files

Insert Word to PowerPoint Hyperlink

Inserting a hyperlink from a Word 97 document to a PowerPoint 97 presentation only takes a few clicks. Here is the process:

  1. Open the Word document and select the text you want to be hyperlinked.
  2. Click Insert > Hyperlink.
  3. Under Link to:, select Existing File or Web Page.
  4. Click Browse and locate your PowerPoint presentation. Select it and click OK.
  5. Under Select Place in Document, choose the slide you want the hyperlink to open. Click OK.

The selected text in your Word document is now hyperlinked to that specific PowerPoint slide!


  • Save both files in the same folder to keep hyperlinks intact if you move them.
  • Set presentations to open in slide show view for the best viewer experience.
  • Use descriptive hyperlink text so the destination is clear, like “Market Research Data” instead of “Click Here”.

Manage Linked Documents

When documents are connected via hyperlinks, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Update Links

If you edit the linked PowerPoint file, the hyperlink from Word won’t automatically update. To make sure you are linking to the most recent version, select the hyperlink and click Update Link:

Update hyperlink dialog box

Keep in Same Folder

If you move either linked document to a new location, the hyperlink connection will break. Save them in the same folder so the file path remains intact.

Distribute Both Files

Anyone viewing the Word document will need access to the linked PowerPoint file as well. Be sure to distribute both files together.


Linking documents between Office 97 applications has some drawbacks to consider:

  • Hyperlinks break if files are moved or renamed
  • Manual updates required if source documents change
  • Anyone viewing Word file needs the PowerPoint file
  • Not all PowerPoint content and transitions display correctly

Newer Office versions improved linking capabilities and compatibility.


Inserting hyperlinks between Word 97 and PowerPoint 97 allows you to connect related content and improve workflow for your readers. Just be aware that some manual management of links is required.

Keeping both files in the same folder and distributing them together helps avoid issues accessing linked documents.

While linking Office 97 files has limitations compared to newer Office versions, hyperlinks can still be useful for organizing information and navigation.