How to Zoom in PowerPoint Slide When Presenting

A presentation slide that is packed with content may have to sacrifice its visibility. You may find yourself finding that a certain element is too small but, unfortunately, cannot be resized to be bigger. This will hinder your audience from seeing the content properly, especially the ones from the back seats.

If you cannot afford to modify the presentation document to ensure visibility, don’t worry. Microsoft PowerPoint lets you zoom in on the slide in the middle of a presentation. Nothing has to be changed, but your audience can still see the larger picture when needed.

In the following guide, you will learn how to zoom in on a slide in PowerPoint. Let’s get started!

1. Open a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

2. Run the Slide Show, or you may use the keyboard key F5.

3. To zoom in, you can move the pointer and click the magnifier icon at the bottom corner of the presentation screen.

4. Hover above the area you want to enlarge and then click on it.

5. The slide has been zoomed in. You can click and drag the cursor to move around.

6. To zoom out, just right-click on anywhere.

Additionally, you can also use the combination of a keyboard key and mouse to achieve the same effect. Press and hold the Ctrl key and then followed by scroll up to zoom in, or scroll down to zoom out.

Remember, you can only zoom in up to two times. Make sure to not leave any content too small to see by your audience.

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