3 Steps Colorful PowerPoint Template

3 Steps Colorful PowerPoint Template

Featured with three different colors for each step; blue, violet, and red. Those colors will hypnotize your audience to focus on the main content of the slide. You can put a title, description, and even additional information about the step.

While this template contains 2 slides, both of them are mostly the same except the upper background which divided between dark-grey and bright-grey. Choose whatever you like.

[page_title] is perfect for 3-step point or timeline that have specific information for each step or point.


  • 2 slides with different upper background
  • Colorful and fun theme
  • Short title yet sufficient space for additional description
  • Fully made by Shape tool, easy to modify


Format PPTX
Aspect ratio Standard 4:3
Slides 2
Font* Calibri, Trebuchet MS, Open Sans
Animated No
Editable Yes
License CC BY 4.0
Created using Microsoft PowerPoint 365
Author Vegaslide

*We do not include font file inside the template.

Protected under CC-BY 4.0 — You must keep the credit when using this template.

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