9 Ways to Fix Microsoft PowerPoint Not Printing Correctly on Windows

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular presentation software used by millions worldwide. However, many users face issues when trying to print their PowerPoint slides and handouts. The most common PowerPoint printing problems include distorted or blurry images, misaligned text/graphics, omitted content, color inaccuracies, and more.

If you too are struggling to get proper printouts from PowerPoint, this step-by-step guide will help you diagnose and resolve the problem.

1. Update Printer Drivers

Outdated printer drivers can cause compatibility issues leading to PowerPoint printing errors. So the first thing you should do is:

  • Open Devices and Printers in Windows Control Panel
  • Right click your printer > Properties
  • Go to the Drivers tab and click Update Driver
  • Restart your computer after the update

This will install the latest driver optimized for PowerPoint and Windows.

2. Verify Printer Connectivity and Settings

Before troubleshooting PowerPoint, ensure that:

  • The printer is turned ON and connected to your computer/network
  • Cartridges have sufficient ink/toner
  • Cables are plugged in properly
  • Network connectivity and configurations are correct
  • The printer is not in error state or paused for some reason

Next, check if the printer settings like page size, orientation, color mode etc. match with what you’re trying to print from PowerPoint.

3. Use PowerPoint’s Safe Mode

Sometimes, conflicts with add-ins can prevent PowerPoint from printing properly. To isolate such issues, use Safe Mode:

  • Launch PowerPoint
  • Press CTRL key while starting PowerPoint
  • Choose Enable Safe Mode option
  • Try printing your presentation now

If it works, disable problematic add-ins as covered next.

4. Disable Add-ins Causing Conflicts

You can selectively disable PowerPoint add-ins and check if that resolves printing problems:

  • Go to File > Options > Add-ins
  • In Manage drop-down, choose PowerPoint Add-ins > Go
  • Uncheck suspicious add-ins one by one
  • Retry printing after each step

Once you’ve identified the problematic add-in, consider uninstalling it.

5. Repair/Reinstall PowerPoint

Corrupted PowerPoint files or installations can also mess up printing. To rule out file/program issues:

  • Close all Office applications
  • Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program
  • Right click Microsoft Office > Change
  • Choose Repair option and follow prompts

If that doesn’t fix it, do an Office reinstallation as the last resort.

6. Check for Windows Updates

Microsoft rolls out Windows updates to fix bugs and optimize performance. Sometimes printing problems get resolved in newer versions.

So make sure you have the latest Windows updates installed. Also update Office/PowerPoint to rule out software bugs.

7. Adjust Printer Properties in PowerPoint

Tweaking some PowerPoint printing properties can help:

  • Go to File > Print
  • Click on Printer Properties link
  • Enable Print in Background option
  • Check Print True Type Fonts as Graphics
  • Select highest Print Quality

Now check if PowerPoint prints accurately as desired.

8. Print as PDF

As a workaround when direct printing fails, you can print via PDF:

  • Go to File > Save As
  • Choose PDF as output format
  • Click Options button
  • Enable highest Standard setting
  • Save the PDF and print it

The PDF printout should have your original slide content and formatting.

9. Contact Microsoft Support

If you still face PowerPoint printing problems after trying everything, it might be an underlying issue in the software. Consider reporting it on Microsoft forums or contacting their customer support for troubleshooting help.

Provide relevant error logs, screenshots and details so they can investigate and resolve promptly.

So those were 9 common fixes for PowerPoint printing errors and issues. Based on the search results, the problem can arise due to multiple reasons – printer settings/drivers, software conflicts, corrupted files etc. I hope these steps will help you diagnose the root cause and resolve printing problems permanently.