Hello, my name is Chris.

Vegaslide is my first site providing high-quality PowerPoint template for free. Yes, you’re not misread, completely free and no need to register your email or sharing to social media.

Why you build this website?

Someday I got a task to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation from someone. To be honest, I have a little bit skill of graphic design so that’s so easy for me to make eye-catching slides within an hour.

Fast forward, the ordered presentation slide has been created and I got paid for that. Then my brain says like, “Hmm, why not I create a website providing PPTX file?”

Firstly, I think I should sell the file.

But as it turns out, there are a bunch of websites providing a PowerPoint slide for free.

It’s clear that if I sell my PPT creation, no one would buy it even for the lowest price. So, I decided to make it free too.

In addition, most of those websites are just sharing poor-quality template (not to mean to be lofty). It has a poor color selection, irrelevant stock images, and an awkward font.

To be fair, some of them has a good design anyway but requires to register, share the PPT file, and even non-removable watermark which is annoying. I bet no one would presenting some information with a huge watermark in front of slides.

And then, and then, and then…

Vegaslide born!

Wow, that’s actually great. Can I use your PPTX file for a commercial?

Absolutely! There’s no limitation for any field. You can use it for personal, education, or even commercial.

But remember, you’re not allowed to sell the file or republish it onto your website. All PowerPoint templates on this website are protected under CC-BY 4.0.