Audio Mixer Statistics PowerPoint Template

The audio mixer is widely used in the music studio to adjust the profile of the sound. Its unique physical shape now has been translated into a PowerPoint slide. With this template, you can show any percentage statistic/progress to your audience. There are seven bars each with an adjustable button according to its percentage. Not only that, this template contains three styles such as dark, white, and white with a gradual color theme. Animation also added to the entire element to attract your audience quickly. This PowerPoint template would be good to show statistic progress from the past time to the present day especially if you’re in the music industry, such as musician, producer, studio owner, etcetera.


  • 3 available styles
  • 7 channels ready
  • Colorful channel button
  • Fully animated
  • System fonts


Font*Segoe UI
Aspect RatioStandard 4:3
Created usingMicrosoft PowerPoint 365
LicenseCC BY 4.0 (free with attribution)