Method to Convert PowerPoint to MP4

Converting your PowerPoint presentations to MP4 video files can be a great way to share your slides with others or view them more conveniently on your phone or tablet. MP4 is a popular video format that can be played on virtually any device.

Follow this simple guide to learn how to save your PowerPoints as MP4s in just a few quick steps.

Why Convert PPT to MP4?

Here are some of the benefits of converting PowerPoint to MP4 video:

  • Play presentations anywhere – MP4s can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and more. Take your presentation on the go.
  • Share online – Upload and share MP4 versions of your slides on YouTube, social media, your website, etc.
  • Save space – Video files take up less storage space than bulkier PowerPoint files.
  • Enhanced accessibility – People can watch/listen to the presentation rather than reading through slides.
  • Add narration – Record a voiceover to create a tutorial video from your slides.
  • Looks more professional – A video file can give your presentation a more polished, professional feel.

Step 1: Export PowerPoint to Video

The first step is simply to export your PowerPoint deck to an MP4 video file:

  • Open your PowerPoint presentation
  • Select File > Export > Create a Video
  • Choose MP4 as the export format
  • Select a resolution and quality setting
  • Choose if you want to use recorded slide timings
  • Click Create Video

PowerPoint will now export and render your PPT slides into a video file in MP4 format. The higher the video quality, the larger the file size.

Step 2: Trim/Edit the MP4 (Optional)

If desired, you can edit the converted MP4 file to trim the length, add transitions, insert audio, text overlays and more using video editing software:

  • OpenShot – Free, open-source video editing program for Windows, Mac and Linux. Easy to use with basic editing features.
  • Filmora – Affordable video editor with ample effects available for Windows and Mac. More advanced features.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – Industry standard professional editor from Adobe. Full suite of advanced video production capabilities.

Use the editing software to cut unwanted sections, apply stylish transitions between slides, add background music/narration, text animations, and more.

Step 3: Share Your PowerPoint MP4 Video

Now you’re ready to share your new MP4 video file in a few different ways:

  • Email – Attach your MP4 video file to an email. Compress or zip files over 25MB.
  • Cloud storage – Upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc and share a download link.
  • YouTube – Upload your MP4 to share publicly or privately on YouTube.
  • Social media – Share your video natively on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
  • Website – Embed your video into website pages and blogs to stream it online.
  • Local playback – Play the MP4 video file using media players like VLC or QuickTime on any computer.

So with just a few simple steps you can now easily convert your PowerPoint presentations into shareable MP4 video files!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about converting PowerPoint to MP4:

What resolution should I choose for the MP4?

720p or 1080p HD is recommended for the best quality. Standard definition 480p is smaller but still decent quality.

Can I remove the PowerPoint slide background in the video?

Yes! Chroma key backgrounds in PowerPoint, export to video and use a video editor to overlay the visuals over a custom background.

Does the converted video include slide animations and transitions?

Any animations and transitions you have configured in PowerPoint will be rendered into the exported MP4 video file.

Do I have to record a voiceover for narration?

No, a voiceover is optional. The video file will simply play your slide deck silently if no audio is included.

How can I reduce the file size of the MP4?

Choose a lower resolution on export, use a higher compression setting, reduce video length, or downsample high resolution images.

Can I export PowerPoint to MP4 on mobile?

PowerPoint mobile apps do not have video export capabilities. You need to convert PPT to MP4 on a desktop version of PowerPoint.

What other formats can I export PowerPoint to?

Other available export formats include AVI, animated GIF, JPEG images, WMV, MOV, SVG and more. MP4 offers the best quality/compatibility.