Adding a PowerPoint Callout to a Slide

  • Go to Insert > Shapes and select a callout shape from the menu (result 5). Drag to create the callout on the slide.
  • Make sure the callout pointer connects to the object you want to call out (results 5, 13).
  • Double click the callout to add text (results 5, 19).

Customizing Callouts

  • Change the fill, outline and text colors to match your presentation theme (results 18, 19).
  • Resize and reposition callouts as needed (result 25).
  • Create custom callout shapes in Photoshop or Illustrator if the built-in shapes don’t meet your needs (result 22).

Using Callouts Effectively

  • Use callouts sparingly, no more than 20% of slides (result 23).
  • Call attention to key data in charts or diagrams (results 2, 20).
  • Highlight important points to reinforce slide content (results 4, 15).
  • Transition to next slides or introduce new concepts (result 23).
  • Make sure callouts are accessible to all users by applying alt text and logical reading order (results 6, 14).

In summary, PowerPoint’s callout shapes allow you to emphasize important points, though they should be used judiciously. Customize their appearance to match your theme, and make sure they integrate logically into the content flow.