Animated 5-Step Colorful Stripes PowerPoint Template

5-Step Colorful Stripes PowerPoint Template

There are 5 stripes colored gradually from red to purple and each stripe attached with a text box where you can put your content there. However, since the template is supposed for steps explanation, the text “STEP 1” until “STEP 5” was added in order to separate every section. In order to maximize audience satisfaction, some elegant animations embedded in all elements inside the slide. You can see the stripes and the text box coming one after one when the slide appears. This PowerPoint template is good for a 5-step presentation, timeline, schedule, or any diagram that has at least 5 separated sections.


  • Bright and dark color background options
  • Carefully selected flat colors
  • Fully animated


Font*Century Gothic, Open Sans
Aspect RatioStandard 4:3
Created usingMicrosoft PowerPoint 365
LicenseCC BY 4.0 (free with attribution)

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