How to Batch Convert PowerPoint PPTX Files to PPT

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The file type of a PowerPoint presentation can be converted quickly and easily with Batch PPTX to PPT Converter. Even inexperienced users will be able to utilize this program because of its remarkably straightforward interface.

The interface of the software is simple. Even people who have never converted a file before could master this program with just a few command clicks. The files arrived at their intended location, and each PowerPoint’s content was unaltered. Here is how to use it.

1. Download and install Batch PPT and PPTX Converter.

2. Launch the program. Open File Explorer to select the PowerPoint files that you want to convert, and drag and drop files or folders into the program window.

3. Click on the Convert button to start the conversion process.

4. After the conversion is done, you can open your output folder and check your converted files.

Pros and cons of converting from PPTX to PPT


  • Improve the compatibility of your presentation with older versions of PowerPoint or other software that can only open PPT files. PPTX files use a newer format that may not be supported by some programs or devices.
  • Reduce the file size of your presentation by compressing it into a single binary file. PPTX files use a zip format that stores data as separate files, which may take up more space than PPT files.
  • Prevent accidental changes or edits to your presentation by converting it into pictures. PPTX files can be saved as picture presentations, which turn all content into bitmaps that cannot be modified.


  • You may lose some features or functionality that are only available in PPTX files, such as animations, transitions, charts, tables, etc. PPTX files use a more advanced format that can store more data and options than PPT files.
  • You may compromise the quality or resolution of your presentation by converting it into pictures. PPTX files can preserve the original format and appearance of your content better than PPT files.

Therefore, you should consider carefully whether you need to convert from PPTX to PPT depending on your purpose and preference.

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