How to Change Slide Orientation to Portrait in PowerPoint

By default, Microsoft PowerPoint sets the slide orientation to landscape, meaning the width is greater than the height and gives you a rectangular look when presenting.

But, you can also rotate the slide orientation to portrait mode so it would appear vertical when being presented. This can be helpful if you want to show the slide on the monitor or projector with a vertical configuration.

Here is how to do that!

It is highly recommended to use the recent version of Microsoft PowerPoint to get a better sense of the tutorial. If you want to rotate the slide’s content, please refer to this guide.

How to make PowerPoint slide portrait

Time Needed : 3 minutes

In the following guide, you will learn how to change slide orientation from landscape to portrait. Make sure the presentation file is done because you probably need to do some trial and error to ensure the new orientation would not break the design.

  1. Go to the Design menu.

  2. Click on Slide Size, and select Custom Slide Size…

  3. On the Slides section, select Portrait, and then OK. You may also want to change the size if you wish.

  4. Select either Maximize or Ensure Fit. I can't dictate which option is the best for your slide, but according to my experience, Ensure Fit is worked the most.

  5. Finally, the PowerPoint slide turned into a portrait view.

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The guide above is based on the Colorful Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template. You can get the template for free and use it on your presentation project.

The portrait slides still able to show on the normal projector configuration (landscape). However, it may leave a noticeable blank on both sides of the slide.

In addition, you probably need to rearrange each object after the orientation changed. This will ensure the slide design looks perfect, even in portrait mode.

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