Comparison Between Prezi and PowerPoint

  • Prezi uses a zoomable canvas and nonlinear navigation, allowing you to zoom in and out of sections of the presentation. This creates an engaging and dynamic flow. PowerPoint uses a linear slide-by-slide format.
  • Prezi’s path feature helps maintain a clear presentation flow. PowerPoint allows sequential or custom navigation between slides.

Design and Visuals

  • Prezi offers more creative freedom with arranging elements on a canvas, including the ability to insert media at any angle. PowerPoint provides more structure through slide masters and layouts.
  • Prezi presentations tend to look more visually striking and modern with its animations and transitions. PowerPoint offers more traditional slide animations and transitions.


  • PowerPoint has more features like presenter tools, slide summarization, extensive animations, SmartArt, etc. Prezi focuses more on its core canvas and zooming capabilities.
  • PowerPoint allows embedding third-party media more easily. Prezi offers easier collaboration through real-time co-editing.

Accessibility and Compatibility

  • PowerPoint is an offline desktop program compatible with Windows and Mac. Prezi is cloud-based so you can present from any device via the web.
  • PowerPoint presentations can be easily shared and viewed offline. Prezi requires an internet connection to present and view.


  • Studies show Prezi rated higher in terms of audience engagement, persuasiveness and effectiveness compared to PowerPoint.

In summary, Prezi excels in visual storytelling while PowerPoint excels in business presentations. The tool you choose depends on your specific needs and presentation style.