Easy Way to Download Image from Google Slides

Google Slides is a popular presentation software that allows users to create visually appealing slides with images, videos, charts, and more. However, when you want to reuse an image from Google Slides in another document or presentation, it can be tricky to download and save it.

In this article, we will discuss several easy methods to download images from Google Slides on both desktop and mobile devices.

Use the Download Tool in Google Slides

One of the simplest ways to download images from Google Slides is by using the built-in download tool:

  1. Open the Google Slides presentation and navigate to the slide containing the image you want to download.
  2. Click Insert > New Slide to create a blank slide.
  3. Select and copy the image from the original slide.
  4. Paste the image onto the new blank slide. Resize if needed.
  5. Click File > Download and choose the file format you want to download as – JPG, PNG, SVG, etc.
  6. The image slide will be downloaded to your computer as an image file.

This method allows you to download the exact image you want without additional editing.

Use Google Keep to Extract Images

Google Keep is a note-taking app that integrates well with Google Slides. Follow these steps to use Keep to download images:

  1. In Google Slides, right-click on the image and choose Save to Keep from the dropdown menu.
  2. The image will be saved to the Keep notes panel on the right.
  3. In Keep notes, right-click on the image and choose Save image as.
  4. Select a folder location and file type to save the extracted image.

This technique is useful for downloading individual images from slides without hassles.

Copy Image to Google Docs

You can also copy images to Google Docs first before downloading:

  1. Open the Google Slides presentation and copy the desired image.
  2. Create a new Google Docs document and paste the image.
  3. Click File > Download > Web Page (.html, zipped) in Google Docs.
  4. Unzip the downloaded HTML file to find the saved image.

While a bit more involved, this method can help extract larger or multiple images.

Take Screenshots from Google Slides

If the above options don’t work for some reason, you can always take a screenshot of the slide and crop out the image:

  1. Open the presentation in Google Slides and navigate to the slide with image.
  2. Take a screenshot using your computer or mobile device’s screenshot tool.
  3. Open the screenshot in an image editing software.
  4. Crop the image to remove unwanted elements and save it.

This manual technique requires more effort but can extract any image when needed.

Tips for Downloading Google Slides Images

Here are some additional tips for smoothly saving images from Google Slides:

  • Choose the highest resolution when downloading images for best print quality.
  • Maintain original slide formatting to reuse images in presentations easily.
  • Use an online image compressor if file sizes are too large.
  • Take screenshots judiciously – quality may be lower than extracted images.
  • Always cite sources if reusing images in professional documents.


Whether you want to reuse a stunning photo for your school assignment or extract graphs for an office presentation, downloading images from Google Slides is simple with the right techniques.

The built-in download tool, Google Keep integration, and screenshot approaches discussed above should cover most scenarios you’ll encounter. Just remember – when in doubt, take a screenshot!

With these handy image saving methods, you can seamlessly transfer visuals from Google Slides to other projects and get more value out of your presentation content.