Error Printing PowerPoint Document

  • Corrupted or damaged PowerPoint file causing printing errors. Try repairing the file or printing a new/test file. [2][3][6]
  • Large file size and many images leading to printing issues. Try compressing images and reducing file size. [6]
  • Problem with printer driver or settings rather than PowerPoint itself. Test printing from other applications. [3][10]

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Verify printer is online and try printing a test page. [1][11]
  • Check if issue only occurs with large presentations or specific files. Print smaller presentations or new files as test. [8]
  • Reinstall or update printer drivers. [1][4][18]
  • Reset printer driver memory allocation to match printer’s actual installed memory. [12]
  • Repair Office/PowerPoint installation using Control Panel or online repair tool. [2][3]
  • Install latest Office updates and patches. [5]
  • Check PowerPoint print settings including slide size, orientation etc. Adjust if necessary. [4]
  • Print to PDF instead as workaround. [7][13]
  • For Mac, check font issues using Font Book. Create new presentation to test. [18]

Other Things to Check

  • Elements positioned outside slide boundary causing truncated printing. [14]
  • Color issues – check printer color settings match document colors. [15]

Hope this gives you a good starting point to resolve your PowerPoint printing issues! Let me know if you have any other questions.