How to Add a Bit of Spin to a Circle in a PowerPoint Slide

  1. Insert a circle shape onto the PowerPoint slide. Set the fill to “No Fill” and outline to a color of your choice.
  2. Select the circle shape. Go to the Animations tab and under the Emphasis effects, choose Spin. This will apply a spin animation to the circle.
  3. Since a plain spinning circle is hard to see, you need to add additional shapes inside the circle to visualize the spin. Insert stars, arrows or other shapes inside the circle.
  4. Group the additional shapes together with the circle so they spin together as one object.
  5. You can add multiple layers of spinning objects for added effect. Insert a second set of shapes, make them a different color, group them and apply the Spin animation.
  6. You can control the speed and direction of the spin using the Effect Options. Choose Clockwise, Counterclockwise or Half Spin for variations.
  7. The axis of rotation is set to the center of the circle and shapes by default. You can change this by grouping the circle to a mirrored duplicate, setting the duplicate to transparent, and spinning the group.


  • Use the Shift key while resizing the circle to keep it perfectly round
  • Align spinning objects in the circle to appear like a clock or wheel
  • Add custom Motion Paths for unique circular animations
  • Use 3D Rotation to adjust perspective of the spinning circle
  • Apply textures or reflections for added realism

In summary, grouping shapes with the circle and applying Spin animation is the key technique to make a circle visibly spin in PowerPoint. Extra shapes, multiple layers and special effects can enhance the overall animation.