How to Change PowerPoint Template for Existing Presentation

  1. Open the existing presentation and go to File > Save As
  2. Change the file type to “PowerPoint Template (.potx)”
  3. Give it a name and save it

Apply New Template

  1. Open the presentation you want to apply the new template to
  2. Go to Design tab > Themes > Browse for Themes
  3. Navigate to and select the new template file
  4. Click Apply

The key things to note:

  • You cannot remove a theme, only apply a new one
  • Applying a new template will change the overall design and formatting
  • You may need to manually adjust some formatting after applying the new template
  • Make sure any custom fonts are available on other computers, or embed them in the presentation

Some common issues:

  • Slide elements shifting position or size when sharing – likely due to missing fonts
  • Old formatting remaining – did not properly apply the new template
  • Multiple slide masters causing problems – delete unused masters

To ensure consistency, build the presentation using slide layouts from a single slide master. And consider saving important templates in a central slide library for your team.

Let me know if you have any other questions!