How to End PowerPoint on Last Slide in PowerPoint 2010

  1. Go to File > Options > Advanced
  2. In the Slide Show section, uncheck the “End with black slide” option
  3. Click OK

Now when you run the slide show, it will end on the last slide rather than adding an extra black slide.

To jump to the last slide during the slide show

  • Press the End key
  • Right click and select “See All Slides”, then click the last thumbnail
  • Type the slide number of the last slide and press Enter

To make the slide show close automatically after the last slide

  1. Go to the last slide
  2. Select Slide Show > Slide Transition
  3. Choose “Automatically after” and enter a time delay

Other tips

  • Use Presenter View (View tab) to control the slide show and see notes/thumbnails privately
  • Rehearse timings and slide transitions beforehand (Slide Show tab)
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate slides and control the pointer

In summary, you have several options to end on the final slide rather than a black slide, jump straight to the last slide, or close the show automatically by adjusting settings in PowerPoint 2010.