How to Present PowerPoint With Notes on Zoom

Presenting PowerPoint slides with speaker notes on Zoom requires some setup, but is very doable even if you only have a single monitor. Here are tips for presenting smoothly while still being able to view your notes.

Prepare Your Presentation

Before joining the Zoom meeting, prepare your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Add speaker notes for each slide. Click “View > Notes Page” to access the notes section under each slide.
  • Enable Presenter View so you can see your notes separately from the slides. Go to “Slide Show > Set Up Slide Show” and check the box for “Show Presenter View”.
  • Practice your presentation in Presenter View mode so you know how your notes correspond to each slide.

Share Only Slides in Zoom

When ready to present, you want attendees to only see slides, not your private speaker notes:

  • Share Screen in Zoom and choose PowerPoint. This will display slides.
  • Switch to Presenter View in PowerPoint to privately view notes.

Option 1: Share Portion of Screen

Use “Share Portion of Screen” in Zoom’s advanced sharing options:

  • Frame slides so only PowerPoint slide area is shared, not your notes.

Option 2: Share Specific Window

Use “Share Window” option in Zoom to only share the PowerPoint Slide Show window:

  • Start Slide Show, right click and select “Show Presenter View”.
  • Share the hidden slide show window in Zoom.

Present Smoothly

Once set up:

  • Advance slides normally in PowerPoint using your notes for reference.
  • Pause appropriately for audience to digest information.
  • Engage participants with questions, polls, chat, etc.

Alternative: Share Notes File or Second Screen

If you want attendees to also access notes:

  • Share notes separately as a PDF file.
  • Use a second monitor to display notes screen to share.

With the right setup, you can deliver PowerPoints smoothly on Zoom while privately viewing your speaker notes!

Step-by-Step Instructions

On Windows

  1. Prepare PowerPoint with speaker notes and Presenter View enabled.
  2. Open Zoom, Share Screen, select PowerPoint window.
  3. In PowerPoint, start Slide Show, right-click and “Show Presenter View”.
  4. PowerPoint enters Presenter View showing notes. Adjust Zoom window to only show slides.

On Mac

  1. Prepare PowerPoint with speaker notes and Presenter View enabled.
  2. Open Zoom, Share Screen, select Advanced, then Portion of Screen.
  3. Frame portion to only include PowerPoint slides, not your notes.
  4. In PowerPoint, start Slide Show, press Option+Return to enter Presenter View showing notes.

Presentation Tips for Zoom

  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Make eye contact with camera.
  • Use natural gestures and movement.
  • Engage audience with questions.
  • Avoid distracting virtual backgrounds.


With Presenter View and the right screen sharing settings in Zoom, you can deliver PowerPoint presentations smoothly while privately viewing your own notes. Setting this up effectively takes some practice, but allows you to present professionally over Zoom web conferences.