How to Preview Your Slideshow in PowerPoint 2013

  • Go to the Slide Show tab and click “From Beginning”
  • Click the Presenter View icon in the lower left corner or press Alt+F5
  • This will show the current slide, next slide preview, speaker notes etc.
  • Click the “See All Slides” button to view thumbnails of every slide
  1. Set up a dual monitor
  • Extend your desktop over two monitors
  • Start the slideshow on one monitor
  • You can view the slides in Normal/Slide Sorter view on the second monitor
  1. Open a second instance of PowerPoint
  • With the slideshow running on one screen, open a second PowerPoint window
  • View the slides in Normal or Slide Sorter view in the second window
  1. Use the See All Slides view
  • Start the slideshow
  • Right click on the screen and select “See All Slides”
  • This will show thumbnails of all slides along the right side

The key is to leverage Presenter View, dual monitors, or open a separate PowerPoint window to maintain visibility of all slides while the show runs on the main screen. Let me know if any of those solutions work for you!