How to Share One Slide from PowerPoint in a Presentation

Sharing a single slide from a PowerPoint presentation is easy and useful. You may want to share just one relevant slide with a colleague, rather than the full presentation. Or perhaps you want feedback on one particular slide before finalizing your presentation. Here are the main ways to share a single PowerPoint slide.

Share a Slide on Android

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation and tap the slide you want to share
  2. Tap the Share option in the menu bar
  3. Choose Picture to share the slide as an image, or Presentation to share it as a one-slide PowerPoint file
  4. Select the app to share it with (email, messaging etc.)
  5. Add recipients and send

Share a Slide on iPhone/iPad

  1. Tap the thumbnail of the slide you want to share
  2. Tap the Share icon in the menu bar
  3. Choose Picture or PowerPoint Presentation
  4. Select the sharing method from the options
  5. Add recipients and send

Share a Slide on Windows

  1. In Normal view, click the slide thumbnail in the left pane
  2. Click the Share tab on the ribbon
  3. Choose Present as Image or Present as PowerPoint
  4. Select sharing method and add recipients

Get Link to a Specific Slide

You can get a direct link to one slide and share that:

  1. Right-click on the slide
  2. Click Link to This Slide
  3. Copy the link
  4. Paste link in email, messaging app etc.

Share Slide as Image in Email

To quickly share a slide as an image in email:

  1. Click the slide thumbnail
  2. Ctrl+C to copy it
  3. Open email and Ctrl+V to paste the image

Use Slide Library to Share Slides

You can save individual slides to a PowerPoint Slide Library and share them from there.

Collaborate on One Slide

If you want feedback on one particular slide:

  1. Share the presentation using the Share tab
  2. People can leave comments on slides
  3. Discuss feedback on that slide using comments

Best Practices

  • Check the access level when sharing (view/edit)
  • Be clear which slide you need help with if sharing a full presentation
  • Follow up a link share with an email explaining context
  • Make sure shared slides contain all necessary information

Advantages of Sharing Single Slides

  • Improved relevance
  • Faster transmission
  • Better version control
  • Easier collaboration
  • Enhanced contextual feedback

Sharing full presentations when you just need a single slide can be inefficient. Following these tips will help you share individual slides seamlessly. This improves productivity and collaboration.